Musique du Monde, Chanson espagnole

Accueil · Discographie · Amor de Mar

Amor de Mar

Nouvel Album

Compositions et Chants traditionnels

2008 (Mille et Une Musiques)

Digipack, livret 12 pages, textes et traductions

Amor de Mar


"Il n'y a pas de frontière entre les hommes. Il y a juste la mer, la musique de l'eau qui court et nous conduit d'un coeur à l'autre. Comme les ruisseaux qui voyagent avant de retrouver la mer, les musiques dans leurs expressions multiples se rejoignent pour n'être qu'une seule: la musique de la rencontre et du partage.

C'est dans cet esprit que j'ai pensé ce disque, comme un courant marin où la musique libre de toute contrainte de style accompagne les mots pour traduire l'émotion et le sentiment juste liés à de simples moments de vie. Les chansons sont traversées de plusieurs influences et chacune est rattachée à une expérience personnelle. Le fil qui les unit c'est la langue, le chant des vagues et mon amour que je dépose au bord de l'eau".


Les Musiciens

Michèle Fernandez (chant), Simon Bolzinger (piano), Jean-Luc Difraya (percussions), Olivier Genest (violoncelle), Pierre Grivolla (accordéon, flûte, bouzouki), Philippe Jardin (batterie), Roman Lajara (guitare, Tres), Nicola Marinoni (percussions, santur), Charly Tomas (basse), Jean Christophe Selmi ( violon), Alejandro Spina (bongos).


Les Titres

Amor de Mar (M. Fernandez)

Mercedes (M.Fernandez)

Como un arbol (M.Fernandez- arrangement Roman Lajara)

No me digas (adaptation M. Fernandez de" Ev'rytime we say goodbye" de Cole Porter)

Tres hermanicas (traditionnel séférade)

Vuelvo al sur (Astor Piazzola)

Andalucia (M.Fernandez)

Si... (M.Fernandez)

Adijo kerida (traditionnel séfarade- arrangement Pierre Grivolla)

La vida (M.Fernandez)

Que me queda? ( adaptation M.Fernandez de "Que reste t-il de nos amours" de Charles Trenet)




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Vacation may be an extremely excellent practical experience if you do it in the right way. In case you are a whole new traveler than you might want to encourage a friend to complement you so they can aid to show you the ropes on this great interest. Or even, you will at the very least would like to ask them for ideas.
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Kennel-instruction is an excellent method to suppress poor potty behavior. Your dog or pet will manage to benefit from the sanctuary fixed to his dimension. Canines are evolutionarily designed to step away from which they 'go', so a kennel utilizes this reality to your great advantage. And also this can make it very likely that your particular pet holds it up until you get back home, nevertheless, never ever utilize the crate as a form of consequence.
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Do not allow advertisements rest to you about pay day loans some lending institutions do not have the best fascination with thoughts and can trick you into credit funds, so they can charge you, secret costs along with a very high interest. Do not allow an advert or even a financing broker encourage you make the decision all by yourself.
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The subsequent tip is one of the most important strategies for successful mobile phone marketing and advertising. Only take your messages to concentrate on the getting behavior and requirements from the recipients. Whenever your users start to see the information which can be focused entirely on their demands and behavior, they are more inclined to pay attention to and keep in mind the messages when shopping.
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If you suffer from despression symptoms, you ought to require time out to focus on your prior triumphs. Soon after disappointments and lifestyle setbacks, you can easily neglect every one of the beneficial stuff you have attained in your own life. Give attention to your strong points and build oneself up by remembering these previous successes.
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An important tip to consider when regarding acne cases are to try utilizing a organic combination of turmeric, coconut gas, and curd. This is ideal for your skin layer along with a excellent option for cleaning zits on the face. You will want to create the remedy into a paste-like regularity and apply immediately.
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To assist you to overcome your major depression it is important which you learn to establish a optimistic perspective and change the way you consider. Research has shown that unfavorable pondering performs a vital role in despression symptoms. Stressed out folks minimize their successes and achievements and, alternatively, focus on their disappointments and sorrows. The real key to joy is caring existence within the encounter of struggling.
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A good photography hint that can help you is to make certain your laptop or computer keep track of is adjusted. The final thing you need is usually to print out a picture only to find out that this hues are totally off. Calibrating your pc keep track of could help you save a great deal of aggravation and misery.
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When buying a hue plant, invest in a smaller seedling that has been grown in a cooking pot. Getting a larger plant may seem like a greater concept, but it must be dug out from the soil. This damage the basis method from the shrub, thus it usually spends its initially expanding years swapping those origins. The potted seedling, nevertheless, can right away start growing new results in and branches.
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Try and lessen the level of cardboard boxes which can be lying down about your house. Insects want to cover in and about these cardboard bins, and may numerous if you depart them there for a long time of energy. Consider this preventative measure if you want to save lots of time and cash.
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In no way educate your subjected to "smile for your digital camera." You will usually be sorry for the effect in the event you yank an individual away from a calm ambiance and place them on display. Strain to execute is almost never what will move properly in a photo portrait. Instead to letting them know to smile, give them anything to smile about naturally. Say one thing hilarious, and even better, have them to know you one thing about their lifestyle that may be obviously some thing they value.
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Now that you have a better concept of how you can alleviate your lower back pain troubles, ideally you now know how to use the methods toward carrying out just that. Keep in mind that these details is just a portion of all that you can know about treating your back pain. Continuously seek out more things you can put and after that basically utilize those strategies, and you need to sense an improvement before you know it.Have Zits Issues? Try out These Pointers Out!
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